Hi! I'm Ms. Pires!


My name is Mariana Pires and I have been a teacher for the past 9 years. I am originally from Brazil but have been living in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1998. I currently teach a one-to-one 4th grade classroom with 26 students utilizing Chromebooks. I am extremely passionate about teaching and reaching every student under my care. My teaching philosophy is rooted in the goal of creating an effective learning community based on trust and respect.  Once a learning community is established, powerful academic learning and growth can occur! I possess an enthusiasm for learning that it is shared with my students daily. I am lucky to do what I love every day!


 As an immigrant and an english learner, I feel it is my duty to inspire my students to become the best versions they can be, no matter their background. When I was a child I dreamt of traveling the world. Now, I get to do what I love daily, travel on my time off, and show my students they can reach their dreams as well! 


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